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The main football club of Bihor County for decades, FC Bihor has gone through hard times in recent years, the team being currently disbanded. With the record and the brand in the possession of the judicial liquidator, the future is uncertain. The auction for the sale of the brand and the record is expected, and only then will the buyer of the brand re-establish the club.
Date of establishment: 1st of April 1958 / Date of dissolution: 12th of January 2016
Colors: red – blue
Previous names:
– Crişul Oradea (1958–1961)
– ASA Crişul Oradea (1961–1972)
– FC Bihor Oradea (1972–2002)
– FC Oradea (2002–2005)
– FC Bihor Oradea (2005–2016)
Record: – Romanian Cup semifinals (1963-1964, 1975-1976)
– 7th place Divizia A(1963-1964, 1983-1984).

Old logos:

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